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Hand Sewing and Waxed Thread

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Bond Products offers a number of different hand-sewing, waxed thread and needles for any of our customers with hand-sewing needs. We also have hand sewing gloves that will make the job of sewing hard-backed carpet together much easier on your hands.

Most carpet installation today is done with either nails or hot glue, so what kinds of jobs require waxed thread? Back in the day, carpet fitters’ apprentices would show that they had mastered the art of sewing carpets together by making a tool bag out of carpet scraps. Now, however, most carpet fitters do not use this skill. In terms of carpet installation, hand sewing can be used to excellent effect around bull-nose stairs because the hand sewing reduces the damage to the stairs and provides a better finish with without a nailed cap and band.

Hand sewing also works for smaller jobs that require special care or for which a heat seamer is impractical or undesirable. Specialty carpets are often hand sewn. Here’s a video of Bob Vila from This Old House demonstrating how fancy patterned Wilton carpets are sewn together for the renovation of a high-style house from the early 1800s.

Another good use of waxed thread is for the job of re-fringing an antique rug. It’s important to make sure that the edge of the rug will not unravel and that the replacement fringe you purchase will not fray either. Hand sewing a blanket stitch along the damaged area of the rug using waxed thread will help preserve the rug and reinforce the edge. The next step is to hand sew the replacement fringe to the base of the existing one and double-stitch the overlapping ends of the fringe to prevent it from fraying.

Why is waxed thread so useful? The wax layer makes the thread stiffer and more resistant to both water and mildew, so it’s longer lasting. The reason that a carpet fitter uses this for hand sewing is that the wax can leave a residue when it’s used in machine sewing. It can also melt when it’s heated. This kind of thick, sturdy thread can be used for a variety of craft projects as well, including: leather working, jewelry making, saddlery, upholstery, and taxidermy.

Check out Bond Products catalog of supplies for any of your carpet working or installing needs. If you need something to install or repair carpet, we have it.


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