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Uses for Curved Sewing Needles

Bond Products offers several types of needles, both for carpet machinery and also for hand sewing. Most people understand the mechanics of straight needles, but many do not realize how handy curved needles can be for sewing, embroidery, and repair. In this blog we will go over a number of uses for curved sewing needles. 

Tasks for Curved Sewing Needles

Curved needles come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses and are used by crafters, seamstresses, leatherworkers, and of course rugmakers. Here are some tasks that you might use a curved needle to accomplish:

Repairing upholstery or mattresses – Curved needles are sometimes referred to as upholstery needles because upholsterers use them so often. They are great to use to sew or repair any seam that cannot fit through a sewing machine or be flattened. This would include furniture, lampshades, and rugs. Lampshades can be especially challenging to fix because they will be exposed to direct light (which might reveal inexpert stitching) and heat (which can cause glue to break down over time). 

Repairing cushions – It can be almost impossible to repair a cushion or stuffed pillow with a straight needle, but a curved needle makes this an easy task. 

Rug mending and rugmaking – Especially for working with thicker rugs, using a curved needle can make it much easier to push through layers of fabric. Instead of pushing on the eye, you can push the curve so that your fingers and thumbs don’t take all the pressure and get hurt or punctured. It’s simple to repair a rug where it is on the floor with a curved sewing needle. 

Embroidering and hand quilting – Sewing through multiple layers of fabric can be simple and fast with a curved needle. 

Beading – Beads can easily dislodge themselves from a straight needle. A curved one can make them easier to control while you are attaching them to fabric or leather or making jewelry. 

Curved needles are also used in bookbinding, weaving, and even wig making. If you have a challenging sewing situation, using a curved needle might be the solution! In fact, people who struggle with arthritis or frozen joints often find that it’s easier and less painful to handle a curved needle than a straight one. 

Bond’s curved sewing needle is a 3-inch hand sewing needle. It’s a very sturdy product. If you’ve never used a curved needle, don’t fret. There can be a learning curve with this needle, but there are many online tutorials from sewing experts that will help you. Here is one that demonstrates how a curved needle is used in upholstery:

As always, if you have any questions about any tool you need to work with carpet or rugs or any product we carry, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-800-BOND. We will be happy to figure out what you need and how we can help you. 


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