Use Instabind to repair worn carpet edges

Worn Carpet Edges? Use Instabind to Replace and Freshen Your Rugs!

It’s May, and you may be busy doing your spring cleaning and sprucing up your home. Don’t forget to examine your carpets while you clean them to see if they are damaged or could use some TLC. You can use Instabind to replace old worn carpet edges. How? Let’s go over what you need to apply Instabind and get your carpets and rugs looking fresh and beautiful again. 

Worn Carpet Edges

When people appreciate carpets they notice the pattern, the weave, or the quality of the materials used to make them. But it’s really the carpet binding that pulls the whole thing together and makes it look finished. If the bindings on your rugs are dirty or worn, they look tired and sad. Fortunately, you can easily improve them with Instabind. Here’s how: 

Get your tools: a hot glue gun, scissors, and clear tape.

Measure the length of the carpet edge that needs to be replaced. You can then calculate how much Instabind to purchase

Select the right color and type of Instabind for your job. Instabind comes in a wide variety of colors and 9 different styles, including: 

Choose the Instabind option that best matches your rug and your needs. 

Clean the carpet edge. Before applying the Instabind, remove the old carpet binding, trim off any strings or irregularities along the sides of the carpet, and make sure that its sides are straight.

Apply the Instabind. Once the carpet edge is trimmed, it’s time to apply the Instabind. Simply peel off the backing from the tape and carefully apply it to the carpet in the middle of one cut edge. Extend the Instabind past the corner of the carpet, and, using the corner as a guide, snip the flat part of the Instabind, stopping at the piping. 

With the paper turned back, overlap the backing while rounding the corner. Continue to apply the Instabind around the carpet until you return to the beginning, adjusting as necessary. Using your starting point as a guide, make the finishing cut with your scissors and trim any excess strings. Make sure to press the tape down firmly to ensure that it adheres properly.

Apply glue with a glue gun. Seal the beginning and ending pieces of the Instabind together with a bead of hot glue. Now apply a ⅛” bead of hot glue between the edge of the Instabind and the carpet and hold in place a few minutes to let the glue set. Continue this process all the way around the carpet. There will likely be some excess tape hanging off the edge of the carpet. Use a pair of sharp scissors to trim it to the desired length at a 45-degree angle. 

That’s it! Your Instabind is applied, and you can return your refurbished rug to its original place in your home. 

Order Instabind Today

Using Instabind, you can replace old, worn carpet edges. The combination of Instabind and hot glue provides a strong, professional-looking finish that will help prevent fraying and keep your carpet looking great for years to come. To order, call us at Bond Products at 1-888-800-BOND. We will be happy to ship you what you need for any carpet or rug issue you have. 


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