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Did You Get a New Holiday Carpet for Christmas? Here’s What To Do with the Old One.

The holiday season is upon us, and for most families that means some change ups around the house and decorative gifts. Some people go all out for Christmas and switch out their decor completely, while others like to put up a tree and focus on a pretty accent piece like a holiday themed area rug. There’s quite a selection of holiday rugs to choose from. 

A new area rug is also an excellent gift idea for someone with either bare floors or an appreciation for fine craftsmanship. One question that this all raises, however, is: What do you do with your old rug when you’ve replaced it with a new one? The two most common solutions would be to either donate it to charity or a friend or throw it away. There are other ideas, though. Let’s go through a few of them.

Hang an antique rug on the wall. People from many other cultures hang rugs as decorations, not just because they are beautiful, but because they offer further insulation against cold or heat. A smaller area rug hung on the wall can be just as much of a conversation piece as a painting or other original piece of art because fiber art is fine and intricate.

Use the rug as a canvas. Do you have creative impulses? Here’s a new opportunity. You can paint a rug, stencil it, attach glitter or beads to it, or cut patterns into it to add interest. Damaged larger rugs can be cut down to make smaller rugs, welcome mats, or even floor mats for the car. If the alternative is throwing it away, you’re not taking a risk by experimenting on it first. Your kids may need to be entertained during the holiday break from school, and they might love the chance to deconstruct a rug and make it into something else.

Keep your old rug in your trunk. It’s a real hassle to clean out a car’s trunk. There are all kinds of little crevices that dirt and small objects get trapped in. Putting an old rug inside the trunk interior will help to keep it cleaner. It’s useful in other ways too. That rug can be taken out and used to make the ground more comfortable and pleasant – like when you go for a picnic or to see the fireworks. A rug offers better protection from the damp or cold than a blanket.

These are just a handful ideas for what you might do with an old rug, but there are many more online. If you do get a new rug this Christmas, think twice before you throw out the old one. It may have possibilities you never considered!

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