What Flooring Is Best for Allergies?

Winter is finally over, and we can begin to enjoy all of the pleasures of spring now: warmer days, open windows, flowers, bird singing, and trees in leaf. Spring is also a time when people clean out their homes and begin to make plans for renovating or redecorating. All of the new life around us makes us think about other new possibilities. Unfortunately for people with certain health issues, spring can also be challenging to live through.

Previously we discussed how wool rugs affect allergies. This time, since we are moving into spring, the time of the year when pollen most affects people, we will go over how other flooring options can help or hinder the buildup of allergens in the house. Before you decide on your next home improvement project, whether that’s turning a remnant into a rug or restoring an antique carpet, you may want to learn more about how different kinds of flooring impact people’s health.

Obviously, hard floors, whether hardwood, tile, or laminate, are easier to keep clean and particulate free. That’s because sweeping or vacuuming them is simple. Anything with more surface area will have places for pollen and other allergens to collect. With that in mind, tightly woven carpets are a better choice than a loose weave, and the shorter the individual carpet strands, the better. Allergy sufferers should avoid shag carpets in particular. Additionally, man-made fibers like nylon and polyester do not absorb moisture and are not the preferred food of molds. Make sure to vacuum man-made carpet regularly, however, as gravity pulls every allergen down to the floor and lands on them too.

In addition to vacuuming, it’s also important to shampoo or clean your carpets, especially during this time of year. If you prefer antique or high value carpets, make sure to add something to your spring budget to get them professionally cleaned. You do not want to make a mistake and ruin an expensive carpet with a quick or amateur shampoo job.

While you are focusing on your flooring and carpets, take time to check their overall condition. Carpet mending is best done when snags or holes are smaller. If you find that the bindings on your rugs are wearing out or are loose, now is the time to address that as well. Bond Products has a long history with carpet, and we have a large inventory of products to help you bind, repair, or refurbish your area rugs. If we can be any assistance to you in helping you make them cleaner, safer, or revitalized, do not hesitate to call us with your questions.


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