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Top 5 Reasons to Buy American Made Products like Instabind

“Buy American” has been a slogan people have heard for decades now, but do you know the reasons why Americans should buy American products? There are many, but here are the five most important:

  1. Safety standards – American manufacturers have to provide their workers with a safe environment in which to work. They cannot work them beyond a specific number of hours, and child labor in factories is prohibited. Sweatshop conditions that exploit children and women are not legal in America.
  2. Fairness in labor – American made products must comply with strict regulations and undergo rigorous testing before being offered for sale. In foreign countries the standards for both labor and products are often much laxer, and products may contain unsafe levels of toxins like lead. Buying American made products means supporting better standards for consumers. It also gives consumers a much better chance to address problems or grievances in the event that product failure occurs.
  3. Jobs and fair wages for other Americans – when you buy American made products, you are making the choice to employ other Americans. The U.S. Government mandates a specific minimum wage, unlike most other countries around the world. When American businesses and American workers are supported by your product choices, the money they earn goes back into our own economy – which means more workers are employed. A virtuous cycle begins.
  4. Environmental conservation – Not only do many other countries have lower environmental standards for manufacturing than America does, but the petroleum necessary to fuel the huge tankers that carry products from elsewhere in the world to the U.S. uses up a finite resource. These tankers emit pollutants into the atmosphere as well. Again, U.S. production methods must comply with safety regulations and they must also comply with regulation for waste disposal.
  5. American independence – When we as Americans produce and buy American made products, our economy operates independently. This means that we are not at the mercy of foreign governments or companies who might choose to limit trade to accomplish other political goals. Our country is free act in our own best interest.

Bond Products manufactures all of our cotton carpet binding tapes here in Philadelphia in our 100+ year old textile weaving mill. We are proud to be an American business and employer. Call us for all of your carpet, area rug, and flooring needs! 

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