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What is twill tape? You may be familiar with the look of twill fabric but not aware of the many great uses of twill tape. In this blog we will talk about where the name twill comes from and how it has been used over the years and is used now.

What Is Twill?

Twill is a fabric composed of yarns that are woven very closely together with diagonal parallel ridges on the surface. This is a tough, sturdy fabric that dates back to ancient times. Twill tapes have similar diagonal lines and the thickness required of a tape used to hold things together. They can withstand repeated washing and regular use and will retain their shape. The interlocking twill weave pattern can fold to cover corners or shape around curves which makes it a versatile tape. If you apply it properly to your rug, it will lie flat without rippled edges and last a long time. 

Uses for Twill Tape

Twill tape is used to keep the edges of rugs and carpets from unraveling. It makes a great edge binding for hooked rugs and will cover the tougher edges of a latch-hook rug to finish it beautifully. Traditionally, twill tapes have covered braided oval or circular floor rugs. Twill tapes can also be used on carpet remnants to make a throw rug or a play rug for an area with high traffic. All you have to do is fold it around the edges of the fabric and sew it in place by hand. You can also use twill tapes for hemming in a similar way to rug binding. 

To stabilize seams, sew a strip of twill tape on the wrong side of the back fabric piece and then sew that to the front fabric piece. This works great for shoulder seams, especially when you’re working with stretchy fabrics like knits. 

To form a casing for a drawstring or elastic, simply sew a long edge of twill tape to your fabric, leaving a hole. You can then insert your elastic or drawstring through that hole and tie or tack the ends. Twill tapes are frequently used for hospital gowns or other pieces of clothing that are fastened together with sturdy ties. 

Twill tape can be used as snap tape, a by-the-yard strip of set-in snaps. If you don’t happen to have a snap setter, it can be really handy for putting in a row of snaps. The twill tape is sturdy enough to withstand the constant pull of opening and closing the snaps.

You can use twill tape for decoration or to add product labels to items you make and sell. The tape functions naturally as an attractive label material. 

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