Bond Products is pleased to offer more products in our ProDriveHD™ line to our customers who need flooring and roofing tools and supplies. We recently added air hoses and parts to our inventory. If you need air hoses for your pneumatic tools, we want to be your source.

What Do Air Hoses Do? 

Air hoses are used to deliver the compressed air that pneumatic tools need to operate. Unlike other power tools that use either batteries or direct current to operate, air tools use compressed air. Workers in many different industries, including medicine, industrial, agriculture and construction, use air hoses for tools like sprayers, nailers, and torque wrenches. Bond Products’ pneumatic stapler is commonly used for both flooring and roofing applications. 

Because the air in these systems is under high pressure, the air hoses they use must be strong and durable so they will not leak or get damaged. The parts or fittings for air hoses must be able to withstand the pressure the tool generates. The parts we offer for sale are made of brass and tough and long lasting. It’s important to keep the hose away from contact with sharp objects or corners, but if your air hoses have an issue at some future date, they are easily repaired in the field.

Air Hose Parts 

Bond Products offers air hoses in 50-foot and 100-foot options. We also sell these parts for them: 

1/4″ NPT female-Brass, Nipple for Air Hose

1/4″ NPT female-Brass, Industrial Six Ball Coupler, for Air Hose

1/4″ ID 3/3″ OD Air Hose Splicer

Our high quality air hoses and parts are available for sale, and there is never a better time than now to stock up on the parts you need and any replacement parts you may need in the future. Call us at 1-888-800-BOND to order anything you need for flooring, carpet installation, carpet binding, roofing, or any other DIY projects you may have. 



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