Twill tapes

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We carry 100% cotton twill tapes in variety of styles & sizes. It is great for many things such as Binding edges: Use twill tape in place of bias tape for binding edges. Just fold it around the edge of the fabric and sew in place. Consider this for finishing interior seam. Casings: To form a casing for a drawstring or elastic, simply sew either long edge of twill tape to the fabric, leaving a hole through which you can insert your elastic or drawstring. Stabilizing seams: When using stretchy fabrics, like knits, use a little twill tape to stabilize the seam and keep it from stretching out of place. For a shoulder seam, for example, you would sew a strip of twill tape to the wrong side of the back fabric piece and then sew that to the front fabric piece. Sturdy ties and straps: Twill tape is often found on hospital gowns and other garments as ties.  Snap tape: This is a by-the-yard strip of set-in snaps. If you don’t have a snap setter, this might be really handy for putting in a row of snaps. The twill tape is nice and sturdy to withstand the constant pull of opening the snaps. Product labels: If you make your own stuff to sell, or even if you keep it, you might want labels for it. Hemming: You can use twill tape as you would hem tape, or you can use it for decorative purposes.

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