Pro Drive HD™

Quality Flooring Fasteners

Bond Products specializes in distribution of quality-made flooring fasteners that are most popular in the industry. These products are sold with the professionals in mind when it comes to great prices for quality products. Be sure to check out our professional pneumatic stapler along with the mallets, replacement caps, staple variety and cleats. We are here to serve your needs. Looking for volume, give us call for the pricing that fits your needs.


Our line of staples and quality controlled manufacturing processes allows us to better equip our customers with the right fastener for the job every time.

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Pneumatic Stapler & Refill Staples

We now carry the 18 GA Pneumatic Stapler with extra capacity Aluminum magazine & the refill staples in 3 sizes.

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Wooden Mallets & Replacement Mallet Caps

Steel Head Wooden Mallet with different grip options along with Replacement Mallets Caps are available

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1-1/4 L-Cleats

1-1/4″ L-Cleats 20 GA 1,000 CT per Box

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