ProDriveHD Tipper/De-tipper mallet cap tool

The New ProDriveHD Tipper/De-tipper Mallet Cap Tool

You may already be familiar with Bond’s line of high quality ProDriveHD line flooring fastener products. We’ve mentioned many of them before on this blog, and we’d like to introduce another product that will help to make floor installation easier: the ProDriveHD Tipper/De-tipper mallet cap tool.

Mallets and Mallet Caps

Mallets are an essential installation tool. Bond carries a variety of steel head mallets and replacement mallet caps suitable for this type of job. Our mallets are designed for hardwood floor installation and make an easier job of it by allowing the user to apply maximum force with little effort. The right mallet makes the job of installing wood flooring not only easier, but safer too.

We also have replacement mallet caps available in white, gray, and black. They fit all major flooring mallet brands. Each mallet cap has a heavy-duty, chrome-plated steel retention ring that ensures a proper fit.

The ProDriveHD Tipper/De-tipper Mallet Cap Tool

To help make the mallet-cap removal/installation process simple, we are now offering the ProDriveHD Tipper/D-Tipper mallet cap tool. This is an exciting new tool, the first ever on the market, and it works to remove old mallet caps and install new ones with ease and without any additional tools.

Designed by Hollis Henderson, Jr. the Tipper/De-tipper allows anyone to tip or de-tip any rubber mallet cap in less than 30 seconds. The device has 5 unique stations and is designed to install any imported or domestic-made round and angle-head mallet caps. It works on any mallet. Its sturdy construction means that it will likely never require maintenance.

This video demonstrates how easy the ProDriveHD Tipper/De-Tipper Mallet Cap Tool makes both the removal and installation processes. Removing the cap can be accomplished with a normal amount of pressure. Installation of a new cap can be done with even less effort. This tool will save you time, effort, and frustration.

If your company needs mallets, we want to be your source for those mallets and their replacement caps. The ProDriveHD Tipper/De-tipper will make maintaining those mallets a snap. When your projects require quality tools, we recommend using ProDriveHD products. They are truly superior products at the right price. Call us today at 1-888-800-BOND to order your mallets or other carpet or flooring products.


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