If you need to install artificial turf whether for your own personal use or as a part of your business’s services, Bond has everything you need to get the job done. Even better, Bond’s turf seaming method makes it possible to complete the process in three easy steps! 

Bond’s Turf Seaming Method Eliminates Problems and Mess

One thing no one enjoys about installing artificial turf is messing around with pails of glue, fabric, and trowels. Our method eliminates this trouble. Bond’s Turf Tape is easy to use. Simply roll it out, line it up, use a high-temperature iron to heat it, and lay your seam. It’s not necessary to use messy two-part epoxy glue and wait for it to cure. This makes our system exceptionally versatile. Turf Tape already has the glue incorporated into it, and it’s activated when ironed. 

It even works in inclement weather and other bad outdoor conditions. The seal is strong and will last when used with all urethane-backed turfs. It also cures within minutes without any exposure to harmful fumes! 

Satisfied Customers Use Our Turf Tape! 

Here’s a testimonial from one of our customers, Versatile Grass

“We have been getting to understand and practice with your new hot-melt turf-seaming system on remnants and such, but today was the first real-world landscaping grass install for your just received system. Here is the actual job closing email from my install foreman moments ago:

‘The new seaming technique works like a charm and the seams were quite possibly the best ones and the easiest I’ve done EVER!’

“Certainly music to my ears as the company owner. That is a nice, tight program you’ve got there…suspect we will be a regular client for you now.  ‘Well done’ accolades to your staff and R&D folks…this is indeed everything you touted it to be. It will be difficult to go back to the nasty glue regime now. Please do keep me up-to-date on any new developments specific to the turf industry please.” –Rob M. 

Bond Products stocks everything anyone would need to seam and install artificial turf. All you truly need is Bond Turf Tape and a seaming iron, but we have many other useful tools and products as well.

If you want to learn more about Bond’s Turf Seaming Method, we explain it in our tutorial here. 


There are so many uses for artificial turf. Shop here for all of our turf seaming tools, or call us at 1-888-800-BOND for help. We’ll be happy to get you the products you need to make turf seaming and installation a snap. 



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