Bond Products’ 5th Annual Spring Open House


Bond Products will host our 5th Annual Spring Open House on Thursday, April 25, 2019. This event, like previous open houses, is open to the public. We offer our customers, whether DIY homeowners or carpet professionals, a chance to observe carpet binding skills and ask any and all questions about binding and serging, repairing or maintaining their carpet binding machines.

Most people attend our open houses to take advantage of the hands-on training our in-house professionals offer. They love to learn how to properly maintain their binding machines along with seeing techniques for binding area rugs with a wide variety of borders demonstrated. We also train customers to time their machines, thread them, and keep them running properly. On April 25, repair labor will be free for portable binders*, so bring yours in if it’s having problems. We’ll get it running smoothly for you. You only need to pay for replacement parts.

At our Spring Open House all supplies are 10% off to retail accounts except for machine parts. Also this month we are offering 10% off on our Model PBB-1X carpet binder. Enter the code “APRILSPECIAL” to take advantage of this sale.

Bond sells everything necessary to finish carpet edges and make custom area rugs. We offer a variety of equipment and supplies, as well as parts and accessories, including thread, needles,  bobbins, machine parts, and different types and qualities of tape. We also have tapestry equipment to bind wider borders. If you have valuable carpets that need restoration, we work with rug cleaning people to re-fringe/re-serge and restore them to their original luster.

Bond also has a variety of clearance items for sale – certified refurbished equipment, parts, and machines – to our clients who want to upgrade their carpet finishing capabilities without paying new prices for equipment. Browse our used equipment page for good deals! We do trade evaluations on older equipment too, if you are interested in trading up to a new binder with more capability.

Finally, there will be free food and plenty of nice people to talk shop with. So come and see us on April 25. Our 5th Annual Spring Open House promises to be the best one yet!

*Free labor is limited to portable binders only with a limit of two per customer. If you would like to take advantage of this service, please call us at 1-888-800-2663 to schedule an appointment beforehand. You will need to be present to see us repair it. This is a very valuable training opportunity as we will show you how to keep it running and maintained. Repairs are limited to basic tune ups. Any work needed beyond 30 minutes is subject to additional billing.



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