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Automotive Uses for Bond Products

There are so many automotive uses for our Instabind product – we at Bond know that. It’s particularly rewarding to see the wonderful results our customers get from it as well. We recently received these photos of the interior of a limousine, showing how Instabind can be used to bind carpet on site anywhere – to great effect.

These photographs came to us rather circuitously from the United Kingdom where our Instabind is known as Easy Bind. A company called Border Limousine Hire, located in the Scottish Borders, hired Hutchison’s Carpets to carpet the interior of one of their limos.


automotive uses



NICF master fitter Hugh Hutchison did the work, and it was photographed by Stevie Blake. To match the grey carpet, he used our Easybind Grey Dunn product in rope edge style.




These photos vividly illustrate the versatility of our Instabind/Easybind products, whether for crafts, car interiors, or the traditional carpet binding use, Instabind gets the job done beautifully.




Thank you, Hutchison’s Carpets, for trusting in and using Easy Bind for your work!


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