Some Interesting Automotive Uses for Bond Products

One of the great things we at Bond get from our customers is feedback on the way our products have improved their lives or helped them get their work done. We recently heard from Rebecca at Rebecca Haas Upholstery about how she’s used both our glue sticks and Instabind to restore beautiful and classic cars. Here’s a photo of the interior of her Corvette project:









Rebecca used our glue sticks to seam the carpet and glue the foam to the seats. “This car won first place in its category at Detroit 2014 and second place in the whole country in Cincinnati 2014.”

Here’s more of Rebecca’s work on some custom Porsche racing seats.









She used Instabind in this car on the carpet and engine cover area and used our glue sticks for the seams in the carpet, too. And here is a picture of the whole car, for reference (and for your visual pleasure).









The truly great thing about many of our products is their universality of use. Need a lampshade recovered? Instabind can help get the job done. Want to restore an antique rug? We’ve got the supplies for that too. Whether indoor or outdoor, for a new creation or the restoration of a valuable piece of history, for work or for your hobby, for carpets, rugs, upholstery, turf, automotive, or a range of other materials, Bond Products has what you need. Call us today to see how we can help you like we did Rebecca.



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