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Tips for Keeping Your Area Rugs Clean

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After you’ve found a beautiful area rug, and placed it in the perfect spot in your home, you’ll want to make sure you keep it nice so you can enjoy it for many years to come. The best rugs are art, after all, and art deserves to be respected and preserved. So what are some things you can do to maintain your rugs and keep them looking beautiful?

Keep the dirt out of your house

The best way to protect your rugs from the moisture, dirt, and pollen that will cause them to degrade over time is to limit their exposure to these things. Many cultures have the practice of removing shoes at the door so that dirt cannot be tracked in. In some of these countries that habit is entirely pragmatic since they do not have vacuum cleaners. Beating out a rug can be a huge job, but even in places with modern cleaning machinery, it’s best to stop dirt at the door. Put down a mat, and suggest your family and friends place their shoes on it.

If the dirt makes it past the door, however, it’s still not too late. Regular sweeping of your floors will protect your rugs and will help keep pollution and allergens out of your home’s circulating air.


Most of us should be grateful for vacuum cleaners. They make our lives so much easier and cleaner. Are you vacuuming your rugs enough, though? Embedded dirt is worse for your rugs than surface dirt and harder to get out. Make sure you are vacuuming both the front and the reverse sides of your rugs as both get dirty over time, and work at least a weekly vacuuming into your cleaning schedule for best results.

Deep cleaning

Sometimes vacuuming just isn’t enough – you need to deep clean. If you have pets, young children prone to spilling sticky drinks, or have large or ground-in stains, you’ll have to either rent a steamer or call a professional. There is definitely a cost difference between the two, so factor in how valuable your rug is before deciding, but any carpet you want to keep for a long time will have to be deep cleaned every 12-18 months.

Flip your carpet

The traffic patterns of your house will wear a carpet down a certain way, so it’s good to turn the carpet around every 6 months in order to better distribute the wear. Sun can also be another concern. If only a part of a rug is in the sun, the fading will be noticeable over time. Turning it will help minimize fading and keep the whole looking beautiful.

All of the above tips are good things to keep in mind if you have made an investment in your floors. Cleaning and vacuuming more often will also help your home environment to be more healthy and free from the dirt and allergens rugs can trap. Keep yourself, your family, and your rugs in better condition with some easy regular maintenance.


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