Serging Thread and Serging Yarn – How Are They Different?

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Bond Products sells a large selection of products necessary for carpet binding and serging, This includes machines, replacement supplies, yarn, and thread. If you wonder how serging thread and yarn are different from each other and other types of thread, read on.

First, here’s a brief definition of what carpet serging is:

“Carpet serging is a sewing technique where the edges of a carpet are wrapped with yarn in order to prevent unraveling and give it a beautiful, finished look. Serging uses a continuous wrap of yarn, about 3/8ths of an inch wide, around the edge of a rug.”

How Is Serging Thread Different? 

A serger uses two types of materials to serge a carpet: yarn and thread. The cotton yarn is quite thick and has a slick finish. Serger yarn is wound tight so it will go through the loopers on the serger. Often people who work with serger yarn will refer to it as serging thread, so that can create some confusion. The thread goes through the needle of the serger, while the yarn goes through the looper. 

Serging thread is usually a tex 138 or 207 size and has great break strength. It has to be because it passes through many different guides within the serging machine with a lot of tension. The thread is used to wrap the yarn to the carpet itself. The serger thread varieties we sell are made of nylon. Nylon is very strong. It’s important for the serging thread to not shed lint when it’s used so that it doesn’t cause the serger to clog up. 

Carpet professionals will select serging yarn to complement the colors of the rugs being serged. While older rugs were once hand serged using a type of whip stitch, modern rugs are machine serged because it’s so much more efficient and less expensive.

Bond’s serging yarn is sold on 1.25-pound cones It comes in 56 different colors. Each cone covers roughly 175-200 feet. This allows the carpet professional to choose the best yarn color match for the carpet. 

Bond’s serging thread is sold in 16-ounce spools and comes in 10 different colors. Bonded 207 nylon is the most popular choice for our serging machines. Our customers also have the option of selecting our 138 nylon as well if they are using a portable serger.

If you’re looking for serging thread, yarn, binding tape or any products you might need for binding or serging carpets, call us at 1-888-800-BOND. We will be more than happy to help you find what you need.



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