Making Cloth Masks With Cotton Binding Tapes

Cloth masks

Americans may be quarantined at home, but they are still working to combat the coronavirus. Many people are making cloth masks for frontline workers or family members to wear to protect themselves. Our awesome customers have asked about using our cotton binding tapes for surgical masks. Yes, cotton binding tapes and twill tapes can be used to make masks! Bond Products has created a coupon for you to use to get 10% off mask making supplies.

CDC Recommends Wearing Cloth Masks 

Last week the Centers for Disease Control came out with a recommendation for Americans to wear cloth masks or face coverings in public places, especially places where it’s hard to maintain the recommended distance of 6 feet between two people. This might mean at work for some people or at the grocery store or pharmacy for others. Wearing cloth masks can help slow the spread of the virus. Some people may be sick and not even know it, so wearing a face mask as an extra precaution would really help keep others around them safer.

Harvard Medical School also recommends wearing a mask if “you have respiratory symptoms like coughing or sneezing…This may help contain droplets containing any type of virus, including the flu, and protect anyone within three to six feet of the infected person.” Since cloth masks are reusable, they will still be good to have when the coronavirus outbreak is over. Cold and flu season is every year.

It’s important to wash and sterilize the masks after they are used, so making a number of masks if you are going to be out of the house on a regular basis would be advisable. You can wash them in hot water and use color-safe bleach to sterilize them. 

Making Cloth Masks to Wear

Cloth masks can be made from household items like t-shirts or cotton fabric. There are a number of tutorials online about how to make face masks. Some of them are very simple and others are designed to allow an extra protective insert or to be worn over an n95 mask. You can decide which would work best for you. 

One of the challenges for many people sewing masks has been to find elastic to use to fasten the masks over the wearer’s ears. We’re happy to say that our cotton binding tapes and twill tapes are ideal to use for fastening masks that tie behind the head or fasten behind the ears.

If you want to make cloth masks for your family, neighbors, or community members, enter the coupon code “MASK10” to save 10% on all cotton binding, twill tapes, hook & loop tape, glue guns, and scissors. The COVID-19 pandemic will not last forever, but until it ends, we’re all doing what we can to help each other survive it. Call us today or order online. Please stay safe and well! 


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