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More Great Instabind Feedback from Our Customers

Previously we’ve talked about how to turn a carpet remnant into a rug and also automotive uses for Instabind, but today we’d like to highlight the work of some our customers. There are a number of tutorial sites online demonstrating their beautiful work. These are people who have been so pleased with how simple and affordable carpet binding with Instabind can be that they’ve made their own tutorials or written down their experiences and triumphs. Let’s highlight some of the best Instabind feedback, with their comments, for inspiration.

Mom Writes Life (Adventures in Binding a Carpet Remnant/Rug) enjoyed the process of binding the carpet with her husband: “When we were working on the binding it was probably the most quiet we’ve been in a long time because we were in tune with each other’s pace of glue and sticking the binding down!”

House185 (How to Turn a Carpet Remnant into a Rug): “I used Instabind from Bond Products. They offer affordable DIY binding options plus how-to videos that make the process a breeze and provide a professional looking edge. Before I ordered anything from them, I purchased a color card and picked out the binding color I liked best for the rug.”

Carpet Edging (Instabind, the Ultimate Carpet Binding Tape) : “The main advantage of carpet edging is the fact that it helps in turning waste carpets to efficient rugs that can be used for a number of purposes around the house. This in turn helps in reducing wastage of worn out carpets. Instabind carpet edging also aims at enhancing the interior décor of a house.”

Karl’s Place (DIY Carpet Binding): “We’re pleased with the results of using Instabind to protect the edge of a carpet remnant that we bought for our basement.”

Jalopy Journal (Home Brewed Carpet) on installing carpet in his restored car: “I was about to give up when my wife told me that she had found a product on the internet that claimed that their process would allow you to easily bind any carpet with professional looking results. After reading a lot of positive reviews I decided to give it a try. It proved to be very easy to work with and the results on my opinion look great.”

If you’d like more ideas or help on using Instabind, Pinterest has an Instabind page. Of course there’s always our YouTube instructional video too.

Remember, Instabind is simple to use. Once you’ve trimmed your carpet remnant to size, there really are only three things you need in order to bind it. They are:

  • A hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Clear tape

If you have a carpet project you’ve done that worked out beautifully, we at Bond Products would love to hear about it. Contact us any time. We would love to see your pictures too!


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