retroactive ADD duties

U.S. Commerce Department Announces Preliminary RETROACTIVE ADD Duties

January 3, 2020

Commerce Issues Affirmative Preliminary Determination in the Countervailing Duty Investigation of Imports of Certain Collated Steel Staples from the People’s Republic of China

The Commerce Department has announced preliminary RETROACTIVE ADD duties of 301.64% on ALL Chinese producers and exporters. This will be on top of the CVD duties of 12.38% that were announced and made effective on June 1, 2019. Any company that was sourcing from China will feel the impact. 

Every importer on record will pay this amount retroactive – 301.64% on shipments arriving after 10-1-2019. Shipments from June 1, 2019 moving forward will pay 12.38% (CVB duties).

The following are points a distributor should consider and questions to ask in light of these new retroactive ADD duties:

  • This impacts all staples from 15ga to 19ga shipping from China. This list includes 15ga and 15.5ga hardwood flooring staples, 18ga underlayment/engineering flooring staples,16ga staples “N” wire,and 19ga staples. 
  • What will be my prices moving forward with my supplier?
  • Can my supplier survive a retroactive tariff bill from U.S. Customs? Note: Any retroactive tariff is due to U.S. Customs within 30 days of invoice.
  • Will my current source locate a new supplier without any tariffs? If so, when?
  • The question anyone should ask is: Can I trust a new supplier’s manufacturer’s quality?

Distributors who buy from a non-proven new factory take the risk of passing on poor quality products to their customers, potentially impacting relationships they have built at their expense with their current brand. The other choice is committing to the ProDriveHD® brand. This brand will not be impacted by any tariffs or quality issues. 

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