A Carpet Cutting Tool That Makes Installation a Snap

cushionback cutter

Any tool that can make a task significantly easier is one that we know our customers will appreciate. Bond Products offers a variety of carpet cutting tools, but our needle nose cushion back cutter is both handy and affordable. If you’re looking for a carpet cutting tool that will make the carpet installation process simpler and faster, this is it. 

What Do You Need in a Carpet Cutting Tool?

Wall-to-wall carpet was a great development in carpet history, but installing it is definitely harder than placing an area rug in the right spot. Carpet backing can be tough to cut through, especially when the goal is to cut straight and connect carpet seams so well they aren’t at all visible.

Bond Products’ needle nose carpet cutting tool is awesome for this job. It features a point that separates carpet fibers when you push the tool through the pile, splitting the carpet evenly so you can create a nice, straight cut. Its handle is firm and grippable so it won’t slip in your hand. 

This tool takes round blades, and works wonderfully for row cutting. It’s simple to cut along the tops of carpets with this carpet cutter, and it’s excellent for berber carpets as well as any dense carpet that it’s hard to locate the rows. You simply put the blade down on the carpet where you want to make a cut, push the cutting tool through the carpet, and it glides through, making a nice, clean cut. If you want to trace a line in the carpet before you cut it, keep the blade up and use the edge of the cutter to push through the fibers. You can line up another piece of carpet this way and cut it to match exactly. 

The cut this needle nose carpet cutting tool makes is close to the fibers, so you will be able to create nice seams. It’s also wonderful for cutting carpet near doorways or doing patch work to replace damaged areas of carpet. 

Bond also sells the round-edged blades for this cutter separately in packs of 100. 

If you’re looking for a carpet cutting tool that will take the frustration out of cutting and seaming, call us at 1-888-800-BOND and order this needle nose tool. We think you will be very pleased with what it can do for you. As always, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have and match you up with the right products for your needs. 



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