faux leather carpet binding

Bond’s Faux Leather Carpet Binding

Bond Products offers a large selection of Instabind carpet binding tapes, including faux leather Instabind. There are aesthetic and practical benefits to using faux leather to bind your area rugs. Here we will talk about why this type of binding looks great and wears well on area rugs.  

What Is Faux Leather Carpet Binding? 

Faux  Leather binding is a synthetic leather with PVC on the face and cotton backing. There are different types of faux leather, but the one used in our carpet binding products is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). 

Chemical companies like DuPont began developing synthetic products in the early 1930s. Dr. Wallace Hume Carothers patented the first synthetic fiber and called it Nylon 6,6. The goal of experimenting with synthetic fibers was to create new material that would improve on the limitations of fibers like cotton, wool, and linen and be less expensive to manufacture. By the 1940s, vinyl leather was available and used to make shoes, upholstery, and the interiors of cars. The 1950s saw polyurethane products become available to the public. 

Vinyl upholstery is composed of two different types of synthetic materials. The fibers are made from polyester and then coated with vinyl that is made from PVC and plasticizers. The vinyl is melted on the fibers which seals them and makes them both strong and nearly waterproof. Vinyl is a great fabric for many uses for these reasons. 

Benefits of Faux Leather

While leather is a beautiful material, it’s not ideal for every use. Faux leather offers some advantages to leather, including: 

Affordability – Faux leather is much cheaper to produce than leather is and therefore cheaper to purchase.

Durability – Vinyl can take a beating and remain attractive. It won’t crack or peel like leather or fade in sunlight. It’s stain and water resistant too. 

Maintenance – It’s simple to clean vinyl material. Just wipe it with a cloth and warm water. It won’t absorb moisture. Some newer faux leather products are designed to make wiping away ink or food stains simple and fast. 

Uniformity – Because it’s mass produced, faux leather will look the same and can be easily matched or replaced.

VarietyBond offers faux leather carpet binding in many colors which allows for much more choice for our customers and their needs. 

Workability – Faux leather is easy to cut and attach. Instabind makes it extra simple because it’s applied with hot glue rather than sewn. There’s no visible stitching or stitching mistakes to see either. 

We even offer a chart of our leather choices for purchase. If you’re looking for an interesting binding for your carpet that will wear beautifully and be simple to maintain, check out our faux leather Instabind. You won’t be sorry! 


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