Bond Has the Mallets You Need


Do you need mallets for your flooring installation needs? Bond Products has them! Anyone working in the wood flooring industry knows how useful and necessary rubber mallets are for installing floors. Having the right mallet makes all the difference for this job, so Bond offers several mallet choices as well as a variety of mallet caps to complement them. 

Different Mallets for Different Needs 

We currently offer three single head versions called MI (3.0lbs) and MIII (3.6 lbs). They both have an iron wedge while the third one, H081W, (3.1lbs) has a unique beveled head. All three come with a 6-ring grip and a white cap. Our MII mallet is comparable to Powernail® Mallet MIII. The handle of this mallet is made of 100% American hickory. The 6-ring wood grip is easy to use, and the rings carved into the handle prevent slippage during use and protect wear layer. 

This mallet comes with a replaceable non-marring white mallet cap that protects flooring material and tools from damage. Replacement caps are available for this mallet. They come in white, black, or gray for use with all types of pneumatic flooring nail staplers or nailers. 

The second type of mallet is a double head mallet. This mallet also has a cast steel head, weighs 3.3 pounds, and is 15 inches in length. It too is made of 100% American hickory and has a 6-ring wood ring grip that makes the grip comfortable and easy to hold. The double head design helps to protect the nailer from damage during use. The double head mallet is ideal as a rental tool and can be used with all types of pneumatic flooring nail staplers or nailers. 

The double head mallet comes with two premium mallet caps affixed with chrome plated steel retainer rings. This unit also takes replacement mallet caps in white, black, or gray as necessary. 

Both types of mallets are made in America and designed for hardwood floor installation to allow the user to apply maximum force with little effort. A good mallet makes the job of installing wood flooring simpler, easier, and safer. 

Bond happily supplies replacement mallet caps in white, gray, and black. Each mallet cap has a heavy-duty, chrome-plated steel retention ring that ensures a proper fit. Our mallet caps will fit all major flooring mallet brands. We guarantee they will fit your flooring mallet. Although anyone can use our mallet caps, they are designed for professionals, with long-lasting durability in mind. White and gray mallet caps are non-marring and used for prefinished woods, whereas black mallet caps are used for unfinished woods. All types of our premium mallets caps are sold either by the single cap or by the box (27 replacement caps). Volume options are also available.

If you have any questions about either type of mallet or the replacement mallet caps, call us at 1-888-800-BOND. Our customer service department will be happy to help. And for staples, staple guns, L-cleats, or finish nails for your flooring project, shop our Pro Drive HD™ line of supplies


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