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Warehouse Safety Uses for Hook-and-Loop Tape

Previously we’ve discussed some of the many uses for hook-and-loop tape around the house. There are many articles and Pinterest pins online about DIY uses and craft applications for this handy product. However, the home is not the only place that hook-and-loop tape can or should be used. It can help keep your workspace or warehouse safer and more efficient too. Here are some great ideas:

Rugs installation – One of the hazards in any workplace is slip-and-fall accidents. Hook-and-loop tape can be affixed to the floor and used to keep carpets or rugs from moving. It can even be used to keep turf in place – it’s that sturdy. If you want to minimize worker injuries and workers’ compensation claims, keep the rugs and carpets in the workspace in place with hook-and-loop tape.

Storage and Organization – Hook-and-loop tape can also be used to attach items or tools under desks or tables to transform empty space into useful space. Attach hard drives under tables with hook-and-loop tape to free up desk or table space for monitors, keyboards, or printers. It’s easy to organize like tools with like with hook-and-loop tape as well. Use it to label shelves or bins – labels can be switched out quickly and easily when necessary. Your workplace likely has plenty of empty wall space as well. Secure a line of hook-and-loop tape to the wall, and then use it to attach tools. These will be both visible and easily accessible to your workers.

Protection – All products that enter a warehouse must be opened, examined and checked against shipping lists before being stored away again. Don’t toss the used shrink wrap in the dumpster – use hook-and-loop tape to re-secure the wrapping and avoid waste. Hook-and-loop straps can be used to wrap and secure products within any size or shaped containers and will eliminate the need for additional shrink wrap or plastic ties. It can be reused many times and will keep products or items from damage from the elements or pests.

Safety – Hook-and-loop tape can be used to tied up loose cables and keep them out of the way or secure them to the perimeter of the room. Secure stacked boxes or shelves with hook-and-loop tape to keep them from falling and products inside from being damaged.

There is no limit to the ways hook-and-loop can make your work space safer and better organized. It’s such a versatile product and can be customized to fit any tool, product, or project. Bond Products sells a variety of hook-and-loop products in volume, so call us today to order it in bulk for your office or warehouse needs.

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