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Bond’s ProDriveHD Tapping Block Makes Installing Flooring Simple

One of the biggest challenges of floor installation is getting pieces of flooring to fit together correctly. Many flooring professionals use mallets to tap pieces or boards together. Bond’s ProDriveHD® Tapping Block is designed to make this process even simpler. Let’s talk about its features and how it’s used. 

Laminate flooring is designed with interlocking tongue-and-groove ends and edges. These must be connected properly for the finished floor to have a fully smooth, aesthetically pleasing surface. Unfortunately, it can be tricky to make the different pieces mesh correctly.

Flooring professionals often rely on hammers or mallets, used together with a tapping block, to force the different pieces together. The tapping block is necessary because many types of flooring, including laminate, are fairly delicate. Hitting a piece of laminate directly with either a mallet or hammer often results in damaged edges. When you place a tapping block parallel to the piece of flooring, you can tap the block instead. The force transfers through the block to the flooring and forces it into the adjoining piece without damaging its edge. 

The ProDriveHD® Tapping Block 

Our tapping block is made in the USA and ideal for installing vinyl plank, engineered, or solid hardwood flooring without using a mallet. You only need your hands and the tapping block to do the job, allowing for faster work with much less risk of damage to workers or materials.

This tool measures 3.25″ x 15’5″ x 1.5″ and is made of thick black textured HDPE for enhanced durability. It features an extra-long wooden D grip that protects the fingers of the user from crushing. It’s heavy enough at 46 ounces to be able to push the flooring planks together with only one or twice strikes. This tool is ideal for working with longer planks. 

For flooring professionals, our tapping block is a must-have tool. If you have any questions about the ProDriveHD® Tapping Block or any of our other flooring tools, our helpful representatives are happy to talk to you. Call us at 1-888-800-BOND to order all of your flooring products. 


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