New Instabind Colors Complement the Trend for Earth Tones

Earth tones interior decor

During the last few months when many people have had extra down time, lots of them have used it to accomplish home improvement projects. We always encourage our customers to think about binding a piece of carpet to make it an area rug. It’s such a simple and rewarding project. You can use any carpet remnant you like. We have Instabind in a full spectrum of colors, including five new Instabind colors: Heather, Lead, Smoke, Graphite, Chestnut. 

New Instabind Colors

The five newest colors are all earth tones. Lead, Smoke, and Graphite are all variations of gray. Gray is a trending color right now for carpet and interior decorating. It complements both black and white color schemes and also other earth tones. Heather is a shade of tan, and Chestnut is a rich brown color. 

Earth colors are always appealing. People enjoy being in nature because nature helps them to relax and unwind physically and mentally. That’s why incorporating natural earth tones in interior decorating is so pleasing to the eye. Using them mimics the experience of being outdoors. 

Beige is becoming a popular choice as a neutral color and an earth tone too. Behr, the paint and stain company, recently announced its color of the year: Back to Nature. This shade is a light green shade with tan overtones. Behr stated: 

“The living room is the perfect place to prominently feature Back to Nature on the walls. This shade is at once soothing and warm as a welcome alternative to white. Green walls look absolutely amazing in a room with loads of natural light pouring through French doors or large windows. This is the ultimate place to set up a relaxing reading area, complete with a comfy sofa and side chair.”

We believe that this color and other earth tones are great colors for carpets and area rugs as well as walls. It’s easy to add a sisal rug to a hardwood floor. The rug’s natural fibers give the room texture and depth and make it more visually appealing. Wool is another excellent choice of rug material. It’s beautiful, it’s long lasting, and it helps to reduce allergies

How Much Instabind to Order

If you do not know how much Instabind to order for your project, click here for our handy tutorial. It’s very simple to measure your rug or carpet remnant and order the right amount. We also offer Instabind package deals for anyone wanting everything necessary to bind a carpet remnant in one kit. 

If none of the five new Instabind colors appeal to you, we have a wide selection of other colors available. Take a look at your options and then call us at 1-888-800-BOND to place your order for Instabind and any other carpet binding needs you might have. 



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