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The Gray Carpet Trend

Carpet trends go in and out of style, but the gray carpet interior design trend should have some traction for the foreseeable future. Why? Because gray is a very versatile neutral color that blends well with a variety of earth tones, and it’s easier to maintain a gray carpet than a white or beige one.

We’ve talked about other carpet trends in recent blogs, including the use of waterproof carpet throughout the house and the carpet runner trend. The increased use of gray carpet is a bit different, though, because it’s part of an over trend to use the color gray in interior (and exterior design). Gray is just hot right now, so gray carpet is seeing more use.

The Color Gray

Gray has been the “it” color for about five years now. It overtook beige and other traditional neutral colors first for walls and then in accents like pillows and rugs. From there it moved to furniture, kitchen cabinets, flooring, and – yes – carpet. Gray is a cool color, bordering on metallic, which means it can give your space a more contemporary look than a tan carpet would. It goes great with stainless steel appliances and bathroom fixtures. Gray complements many other colors, including black and white, but also aqua, green, red, and even pink. Bold colors go great with gray. Everything goes with gray.

Why Gray Carpet?

Gray is a great choice for wall-to-wall carpet because it hides so much. Dirt, paw prints, and food stains all disappear on gray. People with pets and small children can relax after they install gray carpet. It can take general abuse without having to be professionally cleaned too often. Gray area rugs work well with hardwood floors because the cool of the gray balances out the warmth of the wood. Other area rugs can be layered over gray carpet or area rugs easily too.

Interestingly enough, carpet weavers in Tibet, Nepal, and India are now weaving rugs in their traditional patterns, adding in various grays to accommodate the current demand for the color. If Tibetan rug weavers have taken to gray as a deliberate choice for their time honored art, you know it’s arrived.

Instabind also is available in gray if you are looking to cut down a gray carpet remnant or rebind an area rug with gray accents. Or if you’d like to try out some gray in your home or on your floors, painting an accent wall gray or putting down a gray runner in your kitchen are inexpensive choices for weekend projects. Bond Products has a range of gray colors – C912, C320, and C167 that are all available in ¾” and 1-1/4” regular cotton binding and 1-1/4” serge tape. Why not get in on the trend and add some gray to your home and floor this summer?





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