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Bond’s Sisal Binding Tapes

Bond Products specializes in binding tapes, including a wide variety of Instabind products for different applications. One of the specialty binding tapes we offer is our sisal binding tape. This type of tape is perfect for binding a currently popular rug choice – the attractive and durable sisal rug. 

What Is Sisal? 

Sisal is a plant fiber that comes from a succulent plant that grows in desert, equatorial climes, the Agave Sisalana. Consumers are interested in environmentally friendly home decor choices more and more, and sisal is a sustainable, biodegradable fiber that is grown without the use of many pesticides. It’s often used to make ropes as well as woven into rugs

This is a much coarser fiber than cotton, but people like to use sisal rugs when they opt for a layered-rug look. Rug manufacturers also combine sisal with other fibers like wool to make rugs that are softer and more pliable. 

What Is Sisal Binding Tape? 

Our sisal binding tape isn’t actually made of sisal. It’s a wide cotton binding that we call a sisal binding because it’s perfect for sisal. These tapes are wider because narrower bindings would pull off easily due from the cut edges of the sisal weave. They are manufactured from cotton as a natural fiber that pairs well with sisal and is also a “green choice.” We do latex the cut edges sometimes to seal them before we bind them. 

This wide binding has quickly become a designer look in decor. Bond Products does a lot of blind stitch work with our PBL-TX tapestry binder on sisal rugs as well. 

We sell two varieties of sisal binding tapes. The Bond 290 3-inch tape is available in 30 stock colors on 25-yard rolls. This is a heavy weave tape. The Bond 295 5-inch sisal binding tape is available in 12 stock colors on 25-yard rolls in the same heavy weave. This is a change for us, moving towards the heavier weave on shorter rolls. 

What’s Great about Sisal Rugs? 

Sisal has many natural advantages. It stretches. It’s both strong and durable and can take plenty of foot traffic and still wear well over time. In fact, it will soften with use and become more comfortable to walk on. Sisal is also anti-static. It actually pulls humidity from the air. 

Because they are light and neutral colored, sisal rugs pair well with many colors and fabric choices. They blend beautifully with other natural elements like wood, stone, and slate too. 

If you bind many sisal rugs, consider using our sisal binding tape. We are proud of the quality and attractiveness of these tapes, and we know you and your customers will enjoy them as well. For assistance or to order, call us at 1-888-800-BOND. 


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