Bond's hand-binding stapler

Bond’s Hand-Binding Stapler

Bond Products offers our ProDriveHD line of well-made, durable tools for our customers who work with carpet and flooring or enjoy DIY projects. One of these is Bond’s heavy duty hand-binding stapler. Let’s talk about how this handy tool is made and what it can be used for. 

Carpet Binding 

Carpet does not come with finished ends. When it’s cut to fit a space, it needs to be bound to both look nice and to keep it from wearing out or unraveling over time. Carpet binding is the art of applying stitching, or fabric and adhesive to the ends. There are three common ways of doing this: binding, serging, and fringing

Carpet professionals cut very large pieces of carpet down to size and then use a carpet binding machine to bind the edges to create a beautiful area rug, runner, or mat that matches the needs of their customers’ taste and space. 

Watch Brian demonstrate Bond’s “One size fits all” PBB2X bobbinless carpet binder in action: 

Bond’s Hand-Binding Stapler

Bond’s hand-binding stapler is an ideal stapler for binding area rugs or carpet samples. It is excellent for tagging the tabs underneath the end of the binding when they come off the edge of the machine. It can also be used for hand binding like a little blind stitch. You can staple at any angle on fabric, paper, or other materials, and its curved handle is designed to eliminate the soreness that can result from using a heavy-duty hand stapler for any length of time. 

This stapler uses our premium quality 5/16” galvanized 24/8 staples, and it’s a simple and quick job to fill its rear-loading magazine with them. 

This is a well designed tool that is made to stand up to daily use for years. 

As always, if you have any questions about our carpet binding products or any items we sell, please call us at 1-888-800-BOND. We will be happy to help you find what you need to get your home project done or make your carpet binding work easier and faster to do. 



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