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The Bond Advantage

With Bond’s turf tape, you don’t have to fumble around with messy pails of glue, trowels, and fabric. Simply roll Bond Turf Tape out, line it up, heat with a high temperature iron, and lay the seam.  Three easy steps! From seaming irons and turf seam sleds to turf tape and turf seam machines, Bond Products stocks everything you need to  seam artificial turf. If you are interested in learning about the Bond Turf Seaming Method watch our tutorial. All you need is  Bond turf tape and seaming iron.


Installing Turf tape

Exceptional Versatility

No more messy two part epoxy and extended cure times. Glue is self contained on the tape, just heat activate the adhesive with our high temp turf irons. It works even in adverse outdoor  conditions, providing a strong and long-lasting bond on all urethane-backed artificial turfs. No harmful fumes and cures within minutes!

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